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Dot patterns build on our innate subitizing ability and are a highly effective way to develop number concept, addition and subtraction.

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Dot Cards

These dot cards are a great way to build on our innate subitizing ability and develop number understanding for 1-10. Have kids learn to identify the numbers, then use them to teach making 5 and making 10. You can also print 2 sets to practice doubling numbers!

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Dot Cards: Introductory Lessons

Looking for guidance on how to get started using the Dot Cards? Download this Guide to Getting Started, which will lead you through the basics of introducing the Dot Cards and using dot patterns to teach making 5, making 10, teen numbers, and doubles.

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Dot Cards: Small Size

These smaller dot cards print on one page and are a great size for students to have their own sets. Practice subitizing, match combinations to make 5 and 10, build teen numbers, play games like Memory and Go Fish, and more!

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Dot Cards: Dice Patterns

These cards show more useful arrangements of dot patterns, particularly used by practitioners in the UK. The numbers 1-6 are the standard dice arrangements, and 7-10 show the doubles or “near” doubles. These cards help facilitate the visual of doubles, near doubles, and whether each number is even or odd.

This set also includes a 9 arranged into 3 rows of 3.

Download Dice Cards

Want to learn more?

Take the Course! Decoding Math was developed as a comprehensive course intended to introduce educators to the neuroscience of math, dyscalculia, and math learning disabilities (MLD), as well as effective instructional methods for teaching number concept, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, word problems, and fractions/decimals/place value. The course also addresses math assessments, math-related components of IEPs, and planning math interventions.

Watch a Webinar! Interested in learning more? Watch this free recorded webinar on The Secrets of Teaching Math Facts, which gives an overview and introduction to concepts taught in the Decoding Math course.