Fall 2023 Cohort began September 19

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Make 2023-24 your best math teaching year yet

Join Math & Special Education Coach Becky Lord online for a community of support that dives deeper into the Decoding Math course content.

Learn about the science of math, dyscalculia, and math learning disabilities, and how math instructional approaches that are aligned with neuroscience can create better learning for all. In this course you will discover manipulatives and instructional methodology that ensure everyone can learn and love math. Finally feel effective in teaching struggling learners, planning math interventions, administering math assessments, and writing the math-related components of IEPs.

In the “Live” online course we will take a deeper dive into the Decoding Math course content and learn even more about topics like addition/subtraction trajectories, multiplication/division, factors, word problems, and providing math interventions.

Receive the training, practice, materials, and support you need!

The Full Course + Live is eligible for 3 graduate credits.

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Register now and work through the online content at your own pace over the summer. Then attend monthly “live” classes via Zoom starting in the fall to discuss, go deeper, and implement what you’re learning as you work with students.

2023-24 Dates: Classes meet “Live” Online via Zoom on:
Tuesdays 6-8 pm EST on Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 14, Dec 5, Jan 9, Feb 6, and Mar 5

Live Online: Part 3

Already signed up for the Decoding Math: Full Course (parts 1 & 2)? Add on “Live” (part 3) sessions for $297

Class is full and registration is closed

Full Course + Live Online

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Class is full and registration is closed

What is Decoding Math “Live”?

Decoding Math “Live” includes all the same online, self-paced content of the regular 30-hour Decoding Math course, plus an additional 15 hours of synchronous online class time, totaling 45 hours. This class is eligible for 3 graduate credits through Gordon College for an additional fee.

In these “live” online sessions we will:

  • review and discuss content from the online course
  • learn additional strategies, methods, and approaches for teaching math concepts
  • discuss what you’re learning with other like-minded educators
  • share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences
  • practice the methods you’re learning and plan upcoming lessons
  • receive additional materials, templates and lesson resources
  • ask questions and have them answered
  • build a community of educators committed to supporting each other and improving our practice
  • begin to feel more confident and effective as a math teacher, particularly when working with your struggling students

“I enjoyed taking the Decoding Math course this year. I am especially glad that I decided to take the live class for graduate credit so that I had the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with other teachers. The course taught me about many new manipulatives, the neuroscience of learning math, and reminded me of some of the strategies I learned. As a special educator, I found the multi-sensory techniques, assessment tools, and intervention structure ideas to be especially helpful.”

Class Schedule:

All “live” online (via Zoom) classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm EST.

Class dates are:  Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 14, Dec 5, Jan 9, Feb 6, Mar 5, and Apr 2

Dates:Modules:  Topics:Activities:
September 19, 2023noneClass Kick-off!– Hello & Get to Know Each Other
– Class Logistics & Expectations, Q&A
October 17, 2023Module 1
Module 2
– The Neuroscience of Math and Dyscalculia
– Cognitive Factors of Math Learning Disabilities
– Review/Discuss Modules 1 & 2
– Introduce Dot Cards and model introductory lessons
– Gallery Walk, Q&A
November 14, 2023Module 3
Module 10
– Developing Number Concept with Dot Patterns
– Math Assessments
– Review/Discuss Modules 3 & 10
– Model, practice, and plan lessons using Dot Cards
– Give math assessments and look at data to make instructional recommendations
– Gallery Walk, Q&A
December 5, 2023Module 4
Module 5
– Composing/Decomposing with Cluster Cards and Cuisenaire Rods
– Teaching Addition and Subtraction
– Review/Discuss Modules 4 & 5
– Introduce Cuisenaire Rods and model introductory lessons
– Model and practice trajectory for teaching addition and subtraction from basic through multi-digit operations
January 9, 2023Module 6– Teaching Multiplication and Division: Concepts, Strategies, and Fluency– Review/Discuss Module 6
– Learn strategies for each multiplication fact and then practice toward math fact fluency
– Model and practice trajectory for teaching multiplication and division from basic through multi-digit operations
February 6, 2023Module 7– Teaching Word Problems: Using Schema-Based Instruction– Review/Discuss Module 7
– Identify and sort word problem types
– Model and practice using schema-based word problem instruction for all operations with templates
March 5, 2023Module 8– Math Interventions and IEPs– Review/Discuss Module 8
– Model and practice development of math goal/objectives and intervention plan based on student data
– Plan a math lesson and intervention using templates
April 2, 2023Module 9
Module 10
– Teaching Fractions, Decimals and Place Value
– Math Assessments & SLD Qualification
– Review/Discuss Modules 9 & 10
– Give math assessments and look at data to make instructional recommendations
– Gallery Walk, Q & A
Course ClosingFinal Assignment:– Write a final reflection
– Plan a final math lesson using templates and methodology learned throughout the course

Course Registration and Cost

Register and receive immediate access to online course content. Class is full and registration is closed

  • Cost is $297/person to add on Live sessions or $794/person for the Full course + Live.
  • 3 graduate credits can be obtained from Gordon College for an additional $225.

Join us this year and receive the training and support you need to become the confident, effective math educator you aspire to be!